2023 Band Day

Year 2024
Director Mark Snelson
Assistant Director Billy Cox
Auxiliary Director Joshua Fullerton
Additional Staff Jack Pursifull, Dylan Humburg, Jack Wolff, Shaley Davis, Brian Swart
Drum Major Kaylee Roberts
Show Theme/Title Mad Science
Repertoire Original Music by Darren Loney, John Mapes & Trent Gronewold
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Weird Science
Total Members 40
Other Contests Muncie Central
Indiana State Fair

Year 2023
Director Mark Snelson
Assistant Director Billy Cox
Additional Staff Lennon Sherard, Dillon Humburg, Brian Swart, Don Barrett, Jack Pursifull
Drum Major Andrea Ward
Show Theme/Title The Elements of Feng Shui
Repertoire Movement 1: Wood Feeds Fire
Movement 2: Earth
Movement 3: Metal Holds Water
Total Members 37
Band Day 20th place
Band Day Score Prelims - 62.953
Other Band Day Award Class AA Best Percussion
Other Contests Muncie Central - 15th place
Anderson - 17th place
Winchester - 14th place
ISSMA Summer Showcase - Gold Rating (Visual Distinction)

Years 2021 - 2022
Band Day Did not participate

Year 2020
Band Day Contest not held

Years 1968 - 2019
Band Day Did not participate

Year 1967
Director M. Leon Williams
Total Members 80
Band Day Entered - withdrew

Year 1966
Director Joseph Horton
Drum Major Steve Smith
Total Members 63
Band Day 70th place

Note: School opened in 1965 (consolidation of Jackson Central and Walnut Grove High Schools)