Bold font denotes the first year the band made the Top 5 at Band Day.

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd place 4th place 5th place
1947 A - Grant County Combined
B - Rochester
C - Francesville
1948 Froebel (Gary) Rochester LaPaz Pike Township (New Augusta) Morton Memorial (Knightstown)
1949 Odon-Madison Township (Odon) Froebel (Gary) Morton Memorial (Knightstown) Alexandria Lebanon
1950 Alexandria (tie) Hammond Odon-Madison Township (Odon)
Morton Memorial (Knightstown)
Pike Township (New Augusta)
1951 Odon-Madison Township (Odon) Lawrenceburg Consolidated Huntington & Lancaster Townships (Huntington) Morton Memorial (Knightstown) (tie) Muncie Central
1952 Noblesville Lawrenceburg Consolidated Morton Memorial (Knightstown) Knightstown Hammond
1953 Muncie Central Knightstown Jasper Noblesville Jeffersonville
1954 Jasper Franklin (tie) Muncie Central (tie) Knightstown (tie) Jeffersonville
Noblesville Lawrenceburg Consolidated Emmerich Manual (Indianapolis)
Lincoln (Vincennes)
1955 Lincoln (Vincennes) Franklin Muncie Central Jeffersonville (tie) Anderson
Salem-Washington Township (Salem)
1956 Franklin Anderson Princeton Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Lincoln (Vincennes)
1957 Anderson Muncie Central Franklin Lincoln (Vincennes) Emmerich Manual (Indianapolis)
1958 Anderson Princeton Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Emmerich Manual (Indianapolis) Jeffersonville
1959 Anderson Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Crown Point Lincoln (Vincennes) Zionsville
1960 Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Anderson Lincoln (Vincennes) Crown Point (tie) Madison Heights (Anderson)
Southport (Indianapolis)
1961 Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Crown Point (tie) Highland (Anderson) Selma Wendell Willkie (Elwood)
Lincoln (Vincennes)
Madison Heights (Anderson)
1962 Lincoln (Vincennes) Madison Heights (Anderson) Highland (Anderson) Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Anderson
1963 Madison Heights (Anderson) Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Anderson (tie) Highland (Anderson)
Lincoln (Vincennes)
1964 Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Madison Heights (Anderson) Lincoln (Vincennes) Anderson Highland (Anderson)
1965 Crown Point Richmond Madison Heights (Anderson) Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Lincoln (Vincennes)
1966 Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Crown Point Madison Heights (Anderson) Anderson Richmond
1967 Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Madison Heights (Anderson) Highland (Anderson) Wendell Willkie (Elwood) Lincoln (Vincennes)
1968 Highland (Anderson) Marion Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Anderson Lincoln (Vincennes)
1969 Marion Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Highland (Anderson) Richmond Anderson
1970 Highland (Anderson) Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Richmond Shenandoah (Middletown) Wapahani (Selam)
1971 Highland (Anderson) Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Shenandoah (Middletown) Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria) Anderson
1972 Shenandoah (Middletown) Wapahani (Selma) Highland (Anderson) Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Martinsville
1973 Richmond Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria) Highland (Anderson) Ben Davis (Indianapolis) Chrysler (New Castle)
1974 Chrysler (New Castle) Highland (Anderson) Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria) Richmond Wapahani (Selma)
1975 Wapahani (Selma) Carmel Chrysler (New Castle) Jasper Greenwood Community
1976 Greenwood Community Norwell (Ossian) Carmel Wapahani (Selma) Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria)
1977 Norwell (Ossian) Wapahani (Selma) Madison Heights (Anderson) East Noble (Kendallville) Martinsville
1978 Wapahani (Selma) Norwell (Ossian) Anderson Pike (Indianapolis) Carmel
1979 Chrysler (New Castle) Wapahani (Selma) Madison Heights (Anderson) Anderson East Noble (Kendallville)
1980 Madison Heights (Anderson) Wapahani (Selma) Norwell (Ossian) Jay County (Portland) Chrysler (New Castle)
1981 Wapahani (Selma) Madison Heights (Anderson) Carmel Jay County (Portland) East Noble (Kendallville)
1982 Wapahani (Selma) Madison Heights (Anderson) Anderson Jay County (Portland) Richmond
1983 Wapahani (Selma) Carmel Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria) Jay County (Portland) Anderson
1984 Carmel Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria) Wapahani (Selma) Muncie Southside Edgewood (Elletsville)
1985 Anderson Jay County (Portland) Alexandria-Monroe (Alexandria) Richmond Southmont (Crawfordsville)
1986 Anderson Richmond Noblesville Concord Community (Elkhart) Southport (Indianapolis)
1987 Southport (Indianapolis) Noblesville Edgewood (Ellettsville) Richmond Anderson
1988 Richmond Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Southmont (Crawfordsville) Edgewood (Ellettsville) Martinsville
1989 Monroe Central (Parker City) Jay County (Portland) Martinsville Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Edgewood (Ellettsville)
1990 Monroe Central (Parker City) Jay County (Portland) Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Concord Community (Elkhart) Pike (Indianapolis)
1991 Monroe Central (Parker City) Jay County (Portland) Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Delta (Muncie) Martinsville
1992 Jay County (Portland) Monroe Central (Indianapolis) Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Indian Creek (Trafalgar) Northeastern (Fountain City)
1993 Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Jay County (Portland) Muncie Southside Martinsville Anderson
1994 Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Jay County (Portland) Winchester Community Martinsville Richmond
1995 Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Winchester Community Jay County (Portland) Indian Creek (Trafalgar) Martinsville
1996 Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Winchester Community Jay County (Portland) Indian Creek (Trafalgar) Martinsville
1997 Winchester Community Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Jay County (Portland) Anderson Indian Creek (Trafalgar)
1998 Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Winchester Community Jay County (Portland) Anderson Muncie Southside
1999 Franklin Central (Indianapolis) Jay County (Portland) Muncie Southside Martinsville Pike (Indianapolis)
2000 Muncie Southside Jay County (Portland) Martinsville Centerville Richmond
2001 Jay County (Portland) Muncie Southside Richmond Pike (Indianapolis) Centerville
2002 Muncie Southside Jay County (Portland) Pike (Indianapolis) Richmond Winchester Community
2003 Muncie Southside Richmond Jay County (Portland) Centerville Southmont (Crawfordsville)
2004 Muncie Southside Highland (Anderson) Jay County (Portland) Centerville Richmond
2005 Highland (Anderson) Muncie Southside Centerville Jay County (Portland) Southmont (Crawfordsville)
2006 Muncie Southside Jay County (Portland) Richmond Highland (Anderson) Centerville
2007 Highland (Anderson) Muncie Southside Richmond Centerville Jay County (Portland)
2008 Muncie Southside Richmond Highland (Anderson) Northeastern (Fountain City) Jay County (Portland)
2009 Highland (Anderson) Muncie Southside Northeastern (Fountain City) Southmont (Crawfordsville) Richmond
2010 Anderson Muncie Southside Richmond Northeastern (Fountain City) Jay County (Portland)
2011 Winchester Community Richmond Muncie Southside Anderson Jay County (Portland)
2012 Winchester Community Muncie Southside Richmond Northeastern (Fountain City) Centerville
2013 Winchester Community Muncie Southside Richmond Anderson Centerville
2014 Muncie Central Winchester Community Richmond Anderson Centerville
2015 Winchester Community Northeastern (Fountain City) Kokomo Noblesville Richmond
2016 Winchester Community Kokomo Jay County (Portland) Anderson Northeastern (Fountain City)
2017 Noblesville Winchester Community Jay County (Portland) Kokomo Anderson
2018 Noblesville Anderson Jay County (Portland) Kokomo Centerville
2019 Anderson Kokomo Jay County (Portland) Centerville Northeastern (Fountain City)
2021 Muncie Central Centerville Winchester Community Jay County (Portland) Kokomo
2022 Kokomo Winchester Community Muncie Central Anderson Centerville