2022 Band Day

Year 2022
Directors Elizabeth Newnum, Andrew Simpkins, Jonathon Tebbe
Auxiliary Director Kelly Miller
Additional Staff Bryce Prater, Chigozie Nwaka, Kevin Brooks, Gray Hutchson, Brandon Williams, Morgan Taylor, Kyle Hartzog, Evan Cooper
Show Theme/Title 200: Celebrating Montgomery County's Bicentennial
Repertoire Theme from "Ben-Hur" (by Marco Beltrami/Buck Sanders)
Theme from "Hoosiers" (by Jerry Goldsmith)
The Patton March (by Jerry Goldsmith)
The Golden Lion March (by Kyle Hartzog)
Total Members 64
Band Day 15th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 71.200
Prelims - 68.450 (15th place)
Other Contests Centerville - 10th place
Montgomery County - 1st place
Jay County - 10th place
Anderson - 11th place

Year 2021
Directors Andy Simpkins, Elizabeth Newnum, Jon Tebbe
Auxiliary Directors Kelly Miller, Allie Megl
Additional Staff Kyle Hartzog, Kevin Brooks, Jack Ramos, Frank Harting, Gracie Hutchison
Show Theme/Title Dia de los Muertos
Repertoire Dia de los Muertos (by Russell Standridge)
Total Members 37
Band Day 12th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 76.375
Prelims - 76.425 (10th place)
Other Contests Centerville - 11th place
Jay County - 8th place
Anderson - 7th place

Year 2020
Band Day Contest not held

Year 2019
Directors Andy Simpkins, Elizabeth Newnum
Assistant Director Samantha Cotten
Auxiliary Directors Allison Megl, Kelly Miller
Additional Staff Aaron Gardner, Frank Harding, Kyle Hartzog, Andrew Button, Tziah McNeil, Evan Cooper
Show Theme/Title PEGASUS
Repertoire Jupiter (by Gustav Holst)
Zeus: King of the Gods (by Rob Romeyn)
Voices of the Sky (by Samuel Hazo)
In Flight (by Samuel Hazo)
Total Members 50
Band Day 16th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 67.20
Prelims - 64.763 (16th place)
Other Contests Muncie Central - 11th place
Anderson - 9th place
Winchester - 12th place
Other Event Purdue Band Day

Year 2018
Directors Eddie Guanajuato, Elizabeth Newnum, Andy Simpkins
Assistant Director Samantha Cotten
Auxiliary Directors Nikole Miller, Natasha Charles
Additional Staff Brian Bartlett, Corey Stewart, Frank Harding, Kyle Hartzog, Tziah McNeil, Shauna Byrum, Aaron Gardener
Drum Major Victoria Talley
Show Theme/Title MC United Airlines in Flight
Repertoire Into the Clouds (by Richard Saucedo)
Nostalgia (by Rossana Galante)
Flight of the Thunderbird (by Richard Saucedo)
Total Members 70
Band Day 15th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 68.15
Prelims - 66.375 (16th place)
Other Contests Centerville - 9th place
Noblesville - 12th place

Year 2017
Directors Brian Bartlett, Eddie Guanajuato
Auxiliary Directors Samantha Cotten, Nikole Miller
Additional Staff Chris Frick - Design; Nathan Fellerman - Arranger; Andrew Phillips - Percussion; Corey Stewart - Visual; Frank Harding - Brass; Kyle Hartzog - Woodwinds; Aaron Gardner - Conductor
Show Theme/Title Home is Where the Heart Is
Repertoire Close to You
Bring Him Home
Total Members 66
Band Day 14th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 77.475
Prelims - 74.65 (15th place)
Other Contests Monroe Central Clinic
Jay County - 11th place
Noblesville - 10th place

Note: Combined Montgomery County high school bands (Crawfordsville, North Montgomery (except 2017), and Southmont)