2022 Band Day

Year 2022
Directors Eric Bailey, Toni Bays
Auxiliary Directors Ashley Miller, Maddy Downham
Additional Staff Jeff Dick, Sabin Martinez, Michael Mazerolle, Grace Stine, Olander Porter, Savannah Sturgell, CJ McConnell, Matthew Bays, Brian Swart, Emma Richards
Drum Majors Joshua Reddick, Austin Sigler
Show Theme/Title Long Is The Way...
Repertoire Dante (by Randall Standridge)
Total Members 62
Band Day 11th place
Band Day Scores Finals - 77.950
Prelims - 72.675 (13th place)
Other Contests Jay County - 8th place
Muncie Central - 10th place
Anderson - 10th place
Winchester - 10th place

Year 2021
Directors Toni Bays, Eric Bailey
Additional Staff Ashley Miller-Color Guard Director, Noah Swart-Percussion Caption Head, Philip Bilby, Michael Dick, Michael Mazerolle, Brian Swart, Zach Tibbs, Liz Schurger
Show Theme/Title Postcards from Spain (by Randall Standridge)
Total Members 42
Band Day 17th place
Band Day Score Prelims - 66.70
Other Contests Monroe Central Clinic
Jay County - 11th place
Muncie Central - 14th place
Anderson - 12th place
Winchester - 12th place

Note: Combined Frankton and Lapel High School bands