2023 Band Day

Year 2023
Directors Brianna Beaupre, Liz Carter
Auxiliary Director Laramie Vanskyock
Additional Staff Jonie Crawford - Percussion; Michael Clark - Brass
Show Theme/Title Into the Sky
Repertoire Into the Sky (by Eric Rath)
Total Members 25
Band Day 25th place
Band Day Score Prelims - 56.30
Other Contests Muncie Central - 11th place
Anderson - 19th place

Year 2022
Directors Brianna Beaupre, Liz Miller-Carter
Auxiliary Director Valentina Sanfillipo
Additional Staff Brittany Criswell - Guard; Eric Thornbury - Drill
Show Theme/Title Pulse: Moving Together
Repertoire Pulse (by Randall Standridge)
Total Members 25
Band Day 26th place
Band Day Score Prelims - 49.850
Other Contests Muncie Central - 14th place

Note: 2022 was the first year for the combined Cowan and Daleville bands.